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BAM Labs® Touch-free Life Care (TLC) Platform

Smart Bed Technology™ for Every Care Setting

Using the BAM Labs TLC Smart Bed Platform, healthcare professionals and caregivers can monitor a group of people at all times while performing their daily duties whether in an acute, post-acute, or home health setting. The TLC Platform is an effective tool for position change validation, bed exits for fall prevention programs, and for automated documentation proven to save hundreds of staff hours per month. Clinicians can also review long term trend data for adverse sleep patterns, resting heart and breathing rate trends and overall sleep quality.

The FDA registered BAM Labs TLC sensor mat placed under any bed mattress continuously detects trends in heart rate and breathing rate, motion and presence. Data is automatically transmitted to the BAM Labs HIPAA-compliant TLC analysis cloud platform where it is processed and packaged in powerful, user friendly applications viewable on any internet connected device. Caregivers receive health data and alerts on their PC, Mac, or mobile devices such as smartphones, iPod touch and iPads. Over 200 million biometric data points have been collected since 2011 — without touching a single person.


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